How do you pronounce "phydeaux?"
Just like "fido," the dog.  Except that my Phydeaux was a cat, and a pretty awesome one at that.

What yarn did you use to knit x, y or z?
I don't always share the details of my yarn sources, but if I do, the details will be included in Ravelry or my patterns. I rarely share the details for my hand knit accessories, because - well - those are items that I'm selling and may not wish to share my "trade secrets" with the world.   :)

You should write an ebook!
Funny you should mention that ... I'm in the planning stages right now! I will be self publishing my first pattern collection in the near future.

Where can I buy your hand knit accessories?
Currently, my hand knits are available online on my own sites.

Where can I buy your knitting and crochet patterns?
On my own site, Ravelry and Etsy, as well as the wonderful shops listed here!

Do you have your own physical store?
Sorry, no!  I work at home, no brick and mortar store or super cool studio (though I have two super cool kitties to supervise me and a gorgeous backyard to tempt me)!

Do you have video tutorials available?
There are so many really great knitting videos online (youtube alone has a gazillion incredible videos).  I hadn't planned to create my own videos, but was recently convinced to add video content to this blog.  Stay tuned!

Who are your favorite knitting designers?
Too hard to answer!  My favorites change constantly!  If you're really curious, come find me on Ravelry to see what I've added to my current favorites.

What are your favorite yarns?
I love indie yarns the best:  handspun and/or hand dyed or painted.  My very favorites, in alphabetical order (links forthcoming):

Hedgehog Fibres
Kitty Grrlz
Knotty Naomi
My own (hehe)
Wabi Sabi Yarns
Wool Candy

Who takes your photographs?
I love this question the most, because the answer is ... me!  I've worked hard and long to develop photography skills.  If you enjoy the results, thank you!!!

I love your dress form - where can I buy one just like it?
(My number one asked question...)  I love my dress form! Because I spent forever searching for a dress form that I both loved and that no one else on Etsy was using, and because it's so important to me to keep that uniqueness in my shop (and it's a very important element in my branding), I do hope you understand that I don't share the source.