Saturday, August 06, 2005

August, Lupus, Cats

I love Fall, but hate Summer, so August is a little bittersweet. On one hand, the heat is killing me, on the other hand, Fall evenings are just around the corner. Thank heavens for A/C.

My closest friend just started a blog, after several impassioned emails to me to start MY own blog. Shame is a useful tool. Here I go . . .

One of the reasons I hate Summer is because I can't take heat and I can't be in the sun. Why can't I be in the sun? I have an autoimmune disorder, "lupus," which is exacerbated (made worse) by sunlight. Crazy, huh? Maybe vampires have lupus. I like garlic! Haven't tried holy water, but churches don't bother me at all. Having lupus means that my immune system attacks my connective tissue. Some folks have very serious cases of lupus, usually involving organ failure and death. I am lucky, and just have "mild" lupus, which means that I have to avoid the sun, heat makes me extremely ill, I enjoy pain in my joints and chest, I am often extremely fatigued, and I have the occasional odd other problem. Oh yes, and I have a little something called "peripheral neuropathy," probably induced by the lupus, which basically means the nerves in my feet and legs, as well as hands, are starting to wonk out on me. When I'm unlucky, all of these things occur at once, and when I'm lucky, nothing bothers me at all.

My cats are also not fond of August. They're both puddle kitties somewhere in the house right now. They don't much like me petting them this time of year. Once the nights become chilly again, I'll once again be relegated to my six square inches of bed so that my cats can assume their rightful place as Owners of the Bed.

There you go! A reason to love August! The bed is mine!


LoriO (friend of Kris Marck) said...

That's looking on the bright side! I feel the same way. I love my cats, I love that they want to be near me, but it's so much easier to sleep when they're not on the bed.

My Dad suffers from unexplained peripheral neuropathy in his feet and ankles. I'm gonna go google lupus now.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you very much for your blog.... it actually helped me with a human physiology problem.