Saturday, August 06, 2005

My innocent girls

Molly (tortoiseshell) and Fiona (tabby) are My Girls, both of whom adopted me at the Silicon Valley Humane Society in Summer 2004. My Girls aren't always monsters; in fact, I often catch them curled up in an affectionate knot. Fiona is a very sweet, but introverted, brown tabby with stubby legs and glowing green eyes. She never stops talking. Molly is fiesty and independent, very long legs and speckled gold/green eyes. She often looks sad in her pictures, yet she might be the happiest cat I know. Neither suffers, both know my job is to serve them, and both know their places in the world: superior to me!


glass hole studios said...

cute but ferocious

Phydeaux said...

That's them in a nutshell! I love 'em to death!