Friday, January 27, 2006

Last Night in the Old Place

I'll post some "war zone" pics tonight (too wiped to get up right now).

Movers will be here at 8am tomorrow. I am in a panic. I called in "packing" to work today. I'm supposed to go to a faculty dinner at work tonight -- there's no way I can do it, if I'm going to get any sleep at all. Sadly, at 42, I need to get the sleep! At 22, I could have partied all night, still got the packing done, and gone out the next night. Ah well.

So, went to the new place today with two area rugs, two beautiful glass lamps (clearance!), my plants, some fragiles. I'm taking over clothes and more fragiles tonight.

Cats are FREAKING out. They periodically curse me out, then explore, then go bezerk, then need hugs and kisses. Fiona just inserted herself into my lap, demanding love and reassurance. Or maybe she just wants my ice cream (first sugar since Christmas -- needed it today!). Now I have TWO full grown cats on my lap (and my lap isn't THAT big, thank you very much).

I'm massively rethinking my job. I submitted my resume for a financial manager position (the hiring department has been asking me to apply for it).

Once I can safely extricate myself, it's back to packing.

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