Monday, May 29, 2006

Does it get any better?

Not according to Fiona!

So, is it Labor Day or Memorial Day?

Here's what I did today:
  • Slept in! And enjoyed every minute!
  • Bought the new Charles de Lint book, "Widdershins."
  • Shockingly, more raking (pics to follow).
  • Scrubbed out sliding glass door runways (? what do you call them? the part that the door slides on) -- disgusting.
  • Watered yard.
  • Cleaned out fridge.
  • Washed cat bed.
  • Washed slip covers.
  • Vacuumed a go go.
Isn't that enough????

Tomorrow's the old bday and I will officially be 43 years old. $(#&. Oh well. I have my health (HA HA HA). I have family and friends who love me and vice versa. I have my teeth! There you go!

Had nice long chats today with my Mom and with my bestie friend, Kris (did you find anything at Nordie's?). I'm heading up to Mom and Dad's on Wednesday for Dad's bday, spend the night, then back home (stopping in Sac for a 25th HS reunion planning meeting -- how time flies . . . ). I've already decided one week off isn't long enough! I have two weeks off in August -- yay!

I will be heading to Home Depo tomorrow. I'm still not sure what my first major project will be, but am thinking about paint, since the weather's nice and I have all week for it to dry. However, I'm also thinking screen door -- that would be GREAT once it starts heating up!

For tonight, nothing on TV or cable, so plan to try to BEAT Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (yea, right -- inverted castle is kicking patooty) and also continue reading Val McDermid mystery (GREAT read). I have a ton of library books to read!

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