Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last day

Played hookey this afternoon from the conference and explored the French Quarter . . . on foot. Three hours of walking! My legs and footsies are very very very very sore, but I don't regret it for a second. Pix will be posted this week. Saw the commercial (tourists and college kids a go go), the hedonistic (gay bars with tons 'o men drinking in the streets -- and I'm the only woman for blocks, and quite safe!), the old but sad (Jean LaFitte's home, built in the late 1700's and now a bar), the old but oh so cool (gorgeously old buildings with wrought iron, lush greenery, gas lamps), the un-tasty (pralines that tasted ODD, then read the ingredients . . . made with margarine? eesh), the historical moment of deja vu with ancesters (Mississippi River, which all of my ancestors had to cross without the benefit of bridge or freeway to go West), and the moment of nearly kissing the rug once I finally got to my room with Wendy's and diet pepsi's. I know, I know, I should be eating fried oysters (hate oysters) or jambalaya or crawdad something, but I just wanted FOOD and CAFFEINE. I'm going to be working off the fat, sugar, salt, etc. that I've consumed these last few days for weeks. I'm sure I've gained 5 lbs. And nearly worth every bite! Just wish I had my family history documents with me -- I'd traced one line back to New Orleans, and forgot to copy the history to my new laptop. Darn! Can't remember any of the names! Would have been great to get headstone photos, etc. Next trip. Maybe.

Halloween Parade at 10pm on Bourbon Street -- I'm passing though. Tired. College age kids descended on the hotel and city today, undoubtedly for the Halloween weekend. Shuttle's leaving very early. I'm OK being 43 and not that interested in partying on Bourbon Street.

Can't wait to see my little fuzzies and REALLY can't wait to sleep in my very own bed. But still had a really great time and am infinitely glad that I looked my huge fear of travelling alone in the face and beat it.

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