Friday, December 22, 2006

Two Weeks Off!!!!

Started a few hours ago!

The girls are curled up under the comforter. I have a fleece blankie fresh out of the dryer wrapped around my neck. I don't think it's all that cold -- we're just nesting (and staying warm). Preparing to enjoy Dr. Who and BG. Working on family history (have to print up what I'll share with Dad for Christmas by tomorrow night!). Laundry a go go. House cleaning, present wrapping and car loading tomorrow, so that I can hit the road on Sunday. Looking forward to Kris and Rich on Wednesday following family time!

My achilles tedon continues to give me great pain, and the cold doesn't really help. Any suggestions for achilles tendonitis??

Merry Christmas to all!!!

B, F, M

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glass hole studios said...

you know that I don't typically watch Stargate, but I'm sick and last night they paid homage to FarScape...a must see. Lob and see you wednesday!