Sunday, February 11, 2007

Need to go to work so I can relax!

I am wiped! I got a cleaning bug or something yesterday and have been at it ever since. I'm finally completely pooped out, so am getting more music on my ipod (yay, Tom Petty!). Reliving high school, I guess. In fact, I'm enjoying The Police on the Grammies right now -- one of my favorite all time groups!

The girls are wiped, too. It's exhausting to be constantly under Mom's feet as she's going non-stop. Molly must have passed out somewhere -- don't know where she went. Feefs is curled up on my lap, watching TV (she's a TV addict, what can I say?).

My three big goals today were kind of met: (a) picked up the prescription I need for my peripheral neuropathy--thank the good lord!--I've been out for a week and, funnily enough, haven't slept well in a week; (b) found my USB cable so I can put photos on this site, but didn't find the adapter I need!; and (c) found the new digital camera I want to get, but couldn't find parking at Best Buy, so I'll have to order it online tonight. I wanted to get shots of the back yard with this rain, oh well! And I wanted to get a shot of the HUGE garden spider that's taken residence on my glass doors (outside, thank goodness). OH well.

I have the new Michael Crichton book to read this week (successful library trip today). Almost done listening the new Alex Cross book (by James Patterson) -- great "read."

But for now . . . time to kick back, relax for the last several hours of the weekend, and enjoy BG tonight.

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glass hole studios said...

sounds good. We are watching BG right now but seems like we missed last week...any tidbits we need to know? Lob K