Sunday, March 18, 2007

Am I the only one who had a glorious weekend?

Spent a LOT of time raking and hauling leaves and branches, as well as pruning and thinning.

LOVE all the lavender in the back yard -- smells wonderful!

I was feeling pretty proud of all the work I'd done this morning, then went bonkers with the pruning shears this afternoon.

Darn it! You can't really appreciate the size of this new pile, but it's a couple of feet high and plenty wide. Will be hauled next weekend.

Where's my motrin???

I only have one lily in bloom so far, but it's a beaut, right next to the back sliding glass door. Love having so many naturalized forms of beauty right outside.

Reading a Stephen King book, Lisey's Story, and it's a good read. He can definitely tell a great story.

The girls will be happy once they come to (it's tough supervising all of this work). Scrubbed out, down, around, upside down their "bidets." Where's my motrin?????????

Cooked a LOT this weekend.

Made my tofu/roasted veggie/bean bbq bake (so totally easy, very yummy and way good for you!). Lots of lunch containers all ready to go. Today, made brownies for the office and roasted a chicken for me (with fennel and tarragon -- to DIE for).

I was wondering why I'm so stinking sore and tired -- then started writing up the weekend. My shoulder's killing me. Motrin might not do it for me.

Also got a new Japanese felting book this week -- will post some pix from it -- CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh, loving early daylight savings.

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