Sunday, April 15, 2007

Visit with the folksies

Dang!!! My camera battery is dead! Couldn't get pix!

Mom and Dad came down for lunch to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary! I, for one, am thankful they met and married 45 years ago. Just wish that didn't mean I'm about to turn 44. Ugh.

We had a great time. Everyone loved their lunch selections at the Italian restaurant down the street. Mom and I both succumbed to temptation at the knitting store on the way home. She's making herself a little crocheted stole and found some gorgeous rich copper yarn. I just couldn't pass up a mohair blend with a little metallic winkle, in variegated sea greens. And then we chose a few handmade chocolates at the chocolatieres that I thankfully manage to ignore most of the time.

The girls (with prodding) even came out to meet the grandfolks. Poor Mom -- of course they both immediately warmed up to Dad. They just left an hour or so ago, and I'm now resting my weary bones. I nearly killed myself this morning (sorry to admit this, Mom and Dad) trying to do last minute cleaning. Still wasn't perfect, but I'll reap the rewards of a cleaner and prettier home.

Yesterday's storm and rain made for a GORGEOUS day today, perfect for my parents. Glad the weather cooperated!

Well, off to finish laundry!


Anonymous said...

I'm thanking they met 45 years ago!!!! Thanks to them I have you as my bestie!!!

Anonymous said...

that was supposed to be thankful