Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shoulders don't get enough credit

My danged right shoulder is worse than ever today. To the point where my arm is weak and I'm losing my grip. I had to lay down when I got home today (before I fell down, that's how tired and achy I am), then had to prop my arm up on pillows, because it just dangled, but with a lot of pain. Better right now, largely because I'm about to pass out (just burning the last CD for an audiobook). My prescription NSAIDS help reduce the pain, but not as much as I'd like. My hands and fingers are so swollen and red (and painful) that it's been difficult to type today. Lots of typos are being corrected as I type now.

I'm HOPING a good night's sleep will work wonders. The sudden increase in temp really is affecting me (the high today was 91 or 92, which is HOT for my little town. It's 71 right now in my room, with window fan going full blast. This danged lupus hates weather changes, and I've always hated the heat.

Other than that, life is grand, I'm loved by two very sweet and fuzzy cats, and I can't complain about work.

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