Sunday, June 10, 2007


I started out the day with such shoulder pain that I actually to the MD, which is really a waste of invaluable weekend time (since it's the urgent care MD, and they always suck). Got so bad I had to use my left hand to move my arm. Decided to buck up, stop whining, and deal. Spent the rest of my day on the couch, too tired to move, and in a lot of pain. Then my feet were increasingly bad.

Yesterday, I wore my very cute Ellen Tracy black sling-backs to work. They were a little painful the last time that I wore them. Yesterday was a NIGHTMARE. My feet felt like bloody stumps. Red and a bit swollen. Not the smart thing to do when you have neuropathy AND diabetes. Dop.

Today, my feet are u-g-l-y. Reminds me of the patients I used to take care of with advanced diabetes. I got worried when I realized that the skin is mottled with fine red veins, with a particularly red patch on my red foot. I realized it looks a bit like stage I decubitis (the first step toward pressure/bed sores).

SO, warm epsom soaks, massage, soft socks (NOT tight), and trying to figure out how I can get away with birkenstocks and cross trainers at work this week.

Can't sleep, my feet hurt too much + my shoulder. Argh.....

I hope this is only a wake up call. I had my hemoglobin A1C and fasting glucose drawn this a.m. (I haven't done that in at least six months, and it's supposed to be every three months, I know, I know, I know).

I guess I always hear that voice in my head saying "it's all in your head, you're fine, stop your moping and lollygagging."

I'm kind of watching what may be the worst movie ever made, but has Liv Schreiber and Ben Affleck in it, to balance out Rose McGowan. "Phantoms," based on a Dean Koontz book. Poor Mr. Koontz, he must be unhappy about this one...

Thanks to Kris, I bought this tonight, "Minty the Wee Cat," from He makes me smile. Can't wait to have him at work making me smile. Hope he makes you smile, too!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you're hurting-gentle hugz. And a soulful look from Minty's eyes cures all. It was love at first sight for me too! Lob K