Sunday, July 22, 2007

what next?

Whew, after waiting so long to read the last Harry Potter book, what does one do nextg for reading?

Well, I just downloaded season 3 of Lost + The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand) and The Time Traveller's Wife (can't spell the author's name). Lost is for my plane trip next week. I need to be engrossed for a cross-country non-stop flight, since I refuse to use the facilities on a plane (knowing that the moment I closed the door, the plane will go down). I haven't read Ayn Rand for 10+ years, and figured listening is the next best thing. The unabridged version is 31 hours. The abridged version -- get this -- is eight hours. How do you capture a book like this in eight hours? I guess it would be like reading the Cliff Notes and thinking you experienced the whole book.

I'm watching The Fountain right now. I'm always a sucker for a fantasy, and the more complex the better. I wasn't that sold at first, even with Hugh Jackman :-), but I'm enjoying it now, waiting to see where this is going, though I think I've figured it out. I reserve the right to be proven wrong!

After immersing myself in my book yesterday, I spent today getting stuff done: chores, back yard, car stuff, cooking, laundry, ironing, downloading books. I'm enjoying a break to focus on the movie.

There's also the question of "what next" in life, but I won't know for a few weeks yet ... life altering decisions approach!

Kris, you're going to have a GREAT day tomorrow at your new job, and will really enjoy the commuting adventure you're embarking on -- big hug!

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