Sunday, August 26, 2007

Think good thoughts

My poor Mom hasn't been able to walk since May. We thought it was her spinal cord, but -- YAY -- learned her hip has been broken all this time! She's having her hip replaced tomorrow, and I can't be there. Think good thoughts and send many prayers to her and Dad, both during/for surgery, and for a speedy uneventful recovery!

I'm also going to the doctor tomorrow -- well, NP -- for my shoulder/elbow. My arm has been in such pain for so long. I hope they can figure out something for me, maybe physical therapy would help.

Great weekend, despite working much of it (can't be helped -- fiscal year close + new job). Tried making my favorite italian chicken stew in the crockpot -- doesn't look as good as when I stew it on the stovetop. Fingers crossed. The usual chores, laundry, etc. Preparing to pass out, so that I can be at work early in the a.m.

My thoughts with you during your earlier a.m. and commute, Kris!

p.s., Grad School (yes, I know, I'm insane) in three weeks....

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