Sunday, September 02, 2007

Laboring or Lack of Labor over Labor Day Weekend

I actually planned to do very little over my three days off, and so far have largely held to that. It's too HOT to do much at all! I finally gave in today after a week of heat, and installed my window a/c today. By the time I was done, I was drenched in sweat and rather sore (that sucker weighs >100 lbs). But I'm very very comfortable now! If I had my camera handy, I'd take a pic of Molly with a HUGE smile, curled up on the foot of our bed (after all, it's not MY bed with two cats around), which is a nice change from unsmiling miserable puddle kitty Molly from this morning in our non a/c house.

Heat and me just don't mix. I have weird and itchy heat rashes all over (and it's only the high 90's). I wanted to work in the back yard today, but just couldn't bring myself to go out there. Heat + lupus don't mix, and heat + lupus + the kind of stress I've been living definitely don't mix.

So, taking it easy this weekend.

Movies I've watched:
  • "Star Wars IV," which I once knew as Stars Wars I (how times change) -- it would have held up over time had Lucas not had to put a lot of computer animation in.
  • "The Queen," good move, superb acting by Helen Mirren, who is a goddess. A little hard to reconcile her role as the Queen thinking back to her role in The Thief, the Cook, his Wife, and her Lover.
  • "Glory Road," which I highly recommend after not thinking I'd like it very much at all. Great basketball flick, but also just plain old great movie.
  • "The Guardian," totally derivative, but still worth a watch. Just like every other "kid makes good in the military" movie.
  • "The Departed." Wow. Don't have a lot more to say about this intense movie. Matt Damon has made some interesting acting choices in his life, and not all have paid off, but this one -- I think -- did. And as much as I don't want to like Leonardo diCaprio (not sure why), he is an incredible actor. I highly recommend this, but it's intense and not for the weak of heart.
Happy long weekend to all!

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