Saturday, October 27, 2007

November approaches

Hard to believe!

My excitement of the week (kinda sad) is my new vacuum. I am sick and tired of vacuuming, turning around and thinking, "didn't I just vacuum???" Or of cleaning out fur from my keyboard! So, I got myself a Dyson today, the one that's specifically for pet owners. I nearly filled the canister with fur and very fine god-knows-what (dander, probably) just on the first area rug. Yay!

Other tidbits. Someone must have hit my back fence from the other side (other side is a parking area for lawyers) -- I was shocked to see several board pried loose and bits of wood splintered about. Dang it.

Last night was a nice spooky pre-Halloween evening. I fed my neighbor's kitty around 10pm, then Molly proceeded to completely freak out when she smelled said kitty on me. Not just freak out, but be terrified. Growling at Fiona, slinking as close to the ground as possible, hackles raised, etc. Washed off all traces of the kitty, but to no avail. Now Fiona's acting oddly too. And, I'm noting odd sounds outside. No way am I going to go outside to check things out -- it's approaching midnight, nearly full moon, etc. Then, to make life more interesting, I'm jerked awake by what sounded like a series of gunshots, probably around 1 am. And an odd smell coming from outside (window fan). Either homeless person or a satyr or maybe mountain lion. Or maybe a monster -- didn't think of that until just now ... great. Forget sleeping for the next hour. My cats are freaking out even more. Calm down kitties, finally decide if I'm going to be killed, it may as well be in my sleep, kitties crawl under the covers as quickly as possible, and didn't wake up again until this morning. I haven't really investigated things outside, being wrapped up in cleaning and vacuuming.

The other big news is getting back into gardening. Those who know me well know how much I love it, but I haven't really done any for several years. First, because all of my work was destroyed as work was being done on the house that I used to live in, then because I was in an apartment, now because of how my back yard is repeatedly trashed by workers (broken fences, tree trimming, etc.). So, I got myself "ingredients" for two hanging planters for the front yard, all of which are outside, waiting for me to have fun tomorrow morning. Yay! Can't wait!

p.s., Molly's back to her old self, kind of (vacuum today didn't help). She just brought me a toy to play fetch with her.


Anonymous said...

Dyson envy!
and way to write a scary tail!!!!!merowwwww!! Lob K

Anonymous said...

Great now we will be getting a Dyson,,,,Thanks Bren


Phydeaux said...

Go get one! I vacuumed the entire house today, emptied canisters 3 times, and am in heaven. The girls are in heaven (mind you, it was their fur and old molecules I was vacuuming up). We're all in heaven! I'm not crazy about all the attachments -- they don't seem to work (or maybe I don't know how to use them). I was even able to get up all the tiniest bits of kitty litter in the kitty litter room. YAY.