Sunday, December 02, 2007

TWO classes LEFT

Big sigh....

I finished and submitted my LAST paper about an hour ago. YAY. It will be at least six weeks before I have to write another stinkin' paper using APA format. Class tomorrow, final exam the next week, and WOO HOO, done with the first class!

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today and scared myself. First thing I'm doing when school's over is going to treat myself to a real live spa day complete with massage and new 'do. I look like h - e - double toothpicks.

I was watching the travel channel while avoiding my paper yesterday and was mesmerized by a show about Hawaiian beaches. I've never felt a huge desire to go to Hawaii, but the beaches sucked me in. I'm going to spend a little time tonight looking for travel deals. The idea of a week on a beach being served drinks, interspersed with jungle and lava hikes, is pretty darn appealing about now. It's that or a week in Phillie in archives doing family research, which just doesn't have quite the same appeal in January. OR staying at home and relaxing -- that sounds pretty darn good, too! Complete with spa days and dinners out. Hmmm.

For my one or two faithful readers (ha ha), my absolute fave food on the planet is Vietnamese, and my fave dish is Shaken or Shaking Beef. Seared cubes of lean steak over marinated thin sliced onion, over bunches of fresh watercress. Yum. My beloved Vietnamese restaurant closed a year + ago (probably a good thing -- I stopped going after watching cockroaches on the floor while picking up my to go order), so I've continued my quest for the perfect Shaking Beef. Tamarine in Palo Alto excels in all it offers, but it's not like one can afford to go there on a regular basis. (Though I did go on Friday with a friend and enjoyed crab and garlic with glass noodles + a most incredibly delish scallops and tri-squash curry.) SO, cutting to the chase, I made the first Shaking Beef recipe that I found online yesterday. And guess what? It's incredibly easy! No rice noodles to deal with! It wasn't the most delish I've ever had, so I'm not posting it quite yet, but stay tuned -- once I've found the right combo, I'll share! Tonight, I made my favorite Italian (Giadi di Laurentiis idea) side dish: edamame with garlic, lemon zest and olive oil. Man, that's good living. Along with a nice bowl of pasta. After living on convenience food this semester -- and hating it -- I'm so ready to cook again. And my poor body is screaming for good, fresh, yummy, healthy food. So says my very red and very swollen and achy joints, hands and feet.

Online Christmas shopping tonight! Happy December to all and to all a good night!

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Anonymous said...

glad for the update, shaken hawaii with a phile deep dish, huh? Lob K