Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Newest goodies

This beautiful (!!!) handspun arrived the other day, a pleasure to roll into a nice ball, and an even bigger pleasure to start knitting up a scarf with it.

It's so soft and bulky -- can't wait to see the final product. From misshawklet at Etsy -- plus some other gorgeousness that I'll post later.

Also, I'm experimenting with two yarns from my stash in royal blue and white, SUPER soft. I think it would be great with fringe with both yarns.

Finally, I'm playing with this gorgeous raspberry jam yarn. This is using size 17 needles, which are honkin' big, and it's still a tight stitch (I knit tight), so I'll try again with a 19, see if I can loosen myself up.

I'm working on listing a new scarf, which turned out great -- made with misti alpaca, which is so incredibly silky and soft, it's a joy to work with.

So, I'm not dying of Ebola (big shock there), just a sinus infection and a "little" bronchitis. Should start feeling more human in a few days. At least the headache's clearing up. Whew!

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