Friday, February 22, 2008

another quickie

Yet another crazy busy week! I fall into bed each night in a near swoon because I'm so tired and it's so comfortable (until a cat jumps on my head ....):
  • Two sales this week! My red fluffy scarf and prairie chic scarf have found new homes and will fly the coop tomorrow.
  • I broke 100 "hearts" this week! Meaning that more than 100 people have marked my shop as a favorite since I listed my first scarf on January 26th. I don't think that's too shabby for less than a month in business!
  • Very busy at work -- we're moving into budget season, which means >50 hour weeks (maybe >60 hr weeks ...) for the next six + months. I've got to figure out how to balance work, school, shop, kitties, family, friends. Cloning's not been perfected yet, eh? Also recruiting for new staff, which is very time consuming for me (still have to do work on top of screening and interviewing).
  • Major school work this weekend, but I'll try to post the scarves that I get finished.
  • Think good thoughts for my parents -- Dad's down for two weeks with some damage to nerves in his leg, and Mom's down with something going on with her back. :-( I wish I could be there with them! Why do these things only happen when you can't miss anymore school and you're down a couple of staff at work!?!
  • Some new yarn arrived this week from my old and new favorite spinners, including kittygrrlz, franksandbeans, and whirligigyarns. I'll take and post pix tomorrow. Promise! In the meantime, you might check out their shops -- they do incredible work. I can't wait to knit with their yarn.
  • DOP. I just remembered I have to go buy Photoshop tomorrow (should have done it tonight!). My trial version's expiring tomorrow, and I can get a discount from the academic version at work.
Hope everyone has a great weekend -- even though mine will be crazy, I'm still happy it's Friday!

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