Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscars and Kitties and Lox

Have I ever shared how skilled I am at avoiding doing things I'm just not that into?

Like my take home exam?

That should have been completed hours ago?

And here I am still struggling with outlines?


Watching the Oscars might not help, but golldingit, it's the Oscars! There's a whole weird world down in So Cal that the rest of us don't get to experience (thank gawd), but we still looooove to watch.

Well, I love to watch. Let's be clear.... my girlsies are totally and completely zonked out, and have been for 9o% of today. (Note that Molly is sleeping standing up under her "heat lamp" on top of her "heat box" [aka cable box].)

So, in addition to sleeping kitties, my new scarf, "Curly Lox," is listed in my shop. I think this scarf is beautious! I love the brilliant little locks of Cotswold wool twisted into the ivory merino wool. Chunky and funky! This yarn is from Nicole of Whirligig Yarns, and I'll be back for more of her creations!

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