Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Scarf musings

Kris asked me the other day about the needle size that I use. I thought I'd share my sage reply here (ha ha ha).
  1. I love making scarves because I'm way too "ADD" to make sweaters or bedspreads: a scarf doesn't usually take more than 4-6 hours (8-10 for more complex ones), and the end is always in sight.
  2. That said, the larger the needles and bulkier the yarn, the faster the scarf!
  3. Therefore, I do try to primarily use bulkier yarns (e.g., FAT and fluffy), but with lots of texture.
  4. AND I primarily use size 17 or 19 needles (but use anywhere from 9 to 15, depending entirely on the yarn's weight and the design).
  5. Also, I've replaced all of my old metal and synthetic needles with bamboo and rosewood -- it really does make a huge difference! I knit faster and more accurately (fewer dropped stitches).
  6. Also, I try to only use yarn that I love; otherwise, what's the point??? If you love the yarn, you'll love knitting with it.
  7. That said, I may start/restart a scarf more than five times to try to get the right width, pattern, needle size, etc.
Whew. I'm starting a custom order (yay!) tomorrow night with Misti Alpaca (best yarn ever!). I started a new one tonight with Sheep Shop Yarn Company wool, which I am loving. I may give it a Grateful Dead inspired name -- it's very tied dyish (did I spell that right?).

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