Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thankful mood

This weekend and today has been about a "little pyelonephritis" (don't read the link unless you have a strong stomach!) -- part of the fun of being a lupie girl. Moving on....

Thanks to Lauren for including me in her beautiful Treasury (my bright red scarf)! You should check out her Etsy shop, LaurenBacchus -- really beautiful jewelry!

Thanks to Ginger (I think...) for "tagging" me! I have to think about my answers, then you can read the dirt (and likely share in the fun). You should also check out her Etsy shop, MsBelle -- I love her jewelry so much, I've placed four orders!!!

Thanks to my new favorite yarn shop: The Bobbin's Nest in Santa Clara (you can also read about them here)! I had such a fantastic experience there today, after a heck-ish morning at the doctor's, lab and pharmacy. I spent a nice bundle and will be back again and again! Just wait to see what shows up in my shop! They have a great selection, reasonable prices, it's very airy and well laid out, and the owner was great to boot!

Thanks to my iPhone for helping me find The Bobbin's Nest!

Hmmm, who else can I thank today?

Well, three new scarves listed this weekend, two new in the hopper (listed tonight or tomorrow, depending on how I feel), and many more still in my head. I have a truckload of yarn, including some gorgeous handspun/dyed on the way from my very talented colleagues at Etsy, and not quite enough time to focus as I'd like, but I'm up to the challenge!

Now, to bed ... need some quality sleep.

Thanks to all of YOU!!!!

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