Saturday, February 16, 2008

Treasuries, scarves, kitties, and long weekends

First and foremost ... YAY for the three-day weekend! I have a take home exam to work on, but am also focusing on cleaning, chopping up the branches in my yard (yep, still there), knitting, listing and hangin' with the girlsies.

Hey, I was in two Treasury Wests this week (very cool)! See below! And I posted one last night, myself (see below)!

I'm madly working on increasing my inventory. I finished a gorgeous green scarf last night, but am washing/blocking it this weekend. Used this yarn (remember it?).

I'm working on a VERY spring-y yellow/white/peach number, made from this, should be done today, then wash/block.

I'm going to pick up some more Misti Alpaca today, which is my fave fave fiber for scarves -- SO soft.

I hope to get a mohair scarf done this weekend = two more wool ones that I cast on last night.

I can't move right now, Molly's zonked out on my lap (she never snuggles anymore, so I have to take what I can) and Fiona's laid claim to my legs -- I'm kind of hoping for the birds to distract them so I can get up! My poor babies, they're just so happy that it's SO gorgeous, sunny and glorious. Living in the Bay Area, I tell ya, can't complain about the weather (though I do, I do).

Oh and poop, UPS is making me pick up my photography lighting equipment after they tried to deliver at the weirdest times of day for working professionals. I'm sure they're closed on Monday. They're closed today. I have one shot Tuesday morning (my work at home day). I truly wish people wouldn't use them -- I never have good experiences with UPS.

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