Sunday, February 17, 2008

working it through

Gaahhh, the headache is back. OK, migraine. Whatever. Hurts.

I'm taking it easy (had a laundry list of chores and errands today, oh well), and trying to be quietly productive anyway. Mac and cheese is on the stove right now.

Here are some samples of my efforts this weekend. If you're intrigued, you can check out more on Flikr!

First up is a finished scarf, now being blocked, super thick to very thin: yellows, kiwi greens, teal blues. This might be the most frogged scarf in my entire history, I think because I kept trying to do a garter stitch, rather than just a stockinette. I also did a twisted knit every other row, which I know sounds weird, because it was so stretchy. It's really pretty and very soft!

Next is a work in progress (wip) using a new merino wool/alpaca blend (Lorna's Lace, love it) I picked up yesterday. Reminds me of Fruit Stripe gum! But I'll come up with a better name than that ... Seriously soft.

I'm listing a new scarf tonight! It's all blocked and dried, and I am really happy with how it turned out. I'm going with some kind of Celtic name, given its brilliant emerald interspersed with mossy and peaty browns/greens and the occasional bits of violet/red. It's really soft with a wonderful sheen (thanks to wool/mohair blend) -- this is the work of Franks and Beans -- check out her Etsy shop!

That's it from me tonight. The girls are demanding their fair share of attention (is it really possible to give 300%, instead of just 100%?????)

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Claire said...

Gorgeous work! I wish 300% were possible- it sure would come in handy. Thank you for stopping by my blog, by the way. (and thanks for the link!)