Sunday, March 16, 2008

salmon and arugula salad recipe

I made this up last night, thought it quite delicious if I say so myself! (note, salmon recipe borrowed and adapted from Giada di Laurentiis)

Salmon fillets (3-4)
Spicy brown mustard, 4 T
Garlic cloves, 3 nice fat ones
Dried rosemary, 1 t
Dried thyme, 1 t
Fresh cracked pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Olive oil, extra virgin, 2 T
Red sherry wine vinegar, 1 T
Red wine (I used what I had on hand, Merlot), 1T

Turn on your broiler. Wash/pat dry your salmon. I line my broiler pan with foil and spray with a non-stick cooking spray. Do what you prefer with yours. Salt/pepper your salmon to taste, arrange evenly on pan, and broil for two minutes.

Mix your other ingredients in a bowl. I always use what I have on hand, which changes the recipe from the original in infinite ways (sorry, Giada, but thank you for the base recipe!). If I have a white wine, I always use that rather than red + sherry wine vinegar. If I have dijon, I use 50/50 with brown mustard. Reserve 1/3 or so for the salad dressing

When your fillets are done, pull out, top liberally with the mustard mixture. I paint across the top and also sides. If you love pepper (like I do), you might top with a few twists more of fresh cracked.

Broil for another 5-6 minutes, until the salmon is done (usually takes 6 minutes in my broiler). Let cool.

Now for the salad:

Arugula, fresh
Green onions, sliced thin
Sliced almonds

Serve a bed of arugula with onions in a bowl for each salmon fillet, reserve almonds for the tops.


Whisk your reserved mustard mix with a stream of sherry wine vinegar to thin, then extra virgin olive oil to emulsify/thicken. Play it be ear. Some folks like a chunkier dressing, some thiner.

Top each bowl/plate of greens with a salmon fillet (I'd take the skin off first), then sliced almonds, then drizzle with dressing. It's also good with some grated parmesan on top, if you'd like.


p.s., six power foods in here! Salmon, almonds, olive oil, dark leafy green, mustard, garlic.

I'd post a pic, but I already ate it.............

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