Sunday, May 11, 2008

Celebrating Mamas

My Mom and her first baby ... me! I'm 10 or 11 months here. I used to be cute, but my Mom's always been gorgeous.

Here's to the mothers in our lives!

I got my creativity from Mom (though she denies it). I got my love of reading from both my parents. I got my quest for the perfect shoe (as of yet unfulfilled) from Mom. We share an addiction of arugula, kettle corn, and chocolate (NOT in one dish...). She also gifted me with a stubborn spirit, love for kitties, appreciation for Americana food, love for God, thirst for knowledge, joy in games (we both love videogames, ha!!) and fun.

It's one thing to be grateful to your Mom for giving birth to you, but I'm grateful and a better person for having her always in my life ... nearly 45 years!!! It's rare that we don't talk on the phone at least weekly, often more. I just wish we lived near enough to hang out weekly (or more). And same goes for my Dad. I love them both!

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