Wednesday, June 25, 2008

almost there yet??

1.5 more days! Today was the big kahuna meeting, as I'm calling it -- 1.5 hrs, and I was at work until nearly 3am (thank the good lord for a wonderful analyst from finance who was there with me), a few hrs sleep, back at work, meeting, home, nap, wander in daze, and now about to start work on the last budget.

SO tired.

Should be at home curled up in bed napping Friday by noon! And taking Monday off!!!

I really need the break. Worked until 1 or 2 (or after) every morning since Friday. I'm wondering how we did this as kids, going out every night of the week?????

Back to spreadsheets!!!


lauren bacchus said...

you deserve a day off - stat!

Anonymous said...

yes, I'm tired for you! Lob K