Saturday, June 21, 2008

Budgets are OVER one week from yesterday

Molly found a new place to keep cool ... the kitchen.

She's right next to my swifter and winder for yarn, and here's a box full of wound skeins just waiting to be knit!

I'm avoiding my living room right now, with temps > 90 inside and >100 outside (but have window a/c in my bedroom!), but I love my fireplace mantel in the living room.
The beautiful ceramic kitty is from Kris, who painted/glazed. Love it! I really like that "wrought iron" (not) ornament, which was just some 50% off special from a bargain bin at Michael's (I think). Goes great with my cottage!

That gorgeous (!!!!) red/white/blue heart is cut from a tin ceiling tile! Annette from CottageInTheSun. I love all of her goodies -- please check out her shop!!

Hope you're all staying cool -- it's now officially Summer (boy, isn't it??)

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