Monday, June 30, 2008


Vackay day ... quiet day at home ... cooking, cleaning, knitting, napping, rediscovering my back yard (even my shed!), new cuff designs will be listed today (just deciding on buttons).

I'm at the halfway point of listening to The Fountainhead. I read this, oh maybe half a lifetime ago? I ravenously read everything Ayn Rand had to offer (Atlas Shrugged was my fave). It's so interesting to reread (or listen) to something that had profound impact on your life as a youngster (20's...) as a midster (40's...). I get things in a completely different way, which is as interesting as the book. I've been listening to this for weeks -- it's a four-part audio download, so that gives you an idea of it's length (most books are one or two parts, mayyyybe three).

Back to relaxing/catching up on my life!!!

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Good stuff...enjoy