Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday to do's

Had a delicious late sleep in this morning (like 10:30 -- wish I could get away with that every day!), so now have to get cracking on my to do's:
  1. Go get prescription refills
  2. I should get a bunch of labs drawn, but several are fasting tests, and I must confess I ate after midnight last night ....
  3. The girls have given me a list of demands, including new variety of kitty food flavors, their favorite dry food, and ... hmm, what does this say? Catnip?
  4. Turn in overdue library book
  5. Pay overdue fines
  6. See about some "online marketing for dummies" books from said library
  7. Food for ME, something a little healthier than sugar free popsicles
  8. Maybe a couple of buttons for a new cuff I knit last night -- can't find my button stash!!!
  9. Find my button stash
  10. Pix and list two new goodies (includes the cuff)
  11. Start custom order!!!
  12. Figure out how to use Endicia -- finally took the plunge and downloaded the trial last night -- it's the only way to print/buy online international first class postage, and I just can't send all of my items international priority (which costs more than the item!)
  13. Package, print express international shipping/customs for an order
  14. Do something about this mop of hair (avoiding what 4 and 5 year olds usually do to their hair if they get a hold of scissors)
  15. Laundry!!!!!!
  16. Oh, fill bird feeders! Put out more squirrel food!
  17. And ... a little thing called "annual budgets" -- have about 12 hours of work to do on them before work tomorrow (first big deadline is tomorrow)
I hope you all enjoy your Sunday -- first day of June!

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