Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finding the perfect designer ... priceless!

I told you previously how much I love my new shop banner, logo, thank you cards, etc. from the wonderful Mavora Art and Design from Etsy.

I started working on my Christmas business plan last week in earnest (don't hate me, it's the business manager in me, and I love playing with spreadsheets and numbers!). (And if you're an Etsy seller reading this and haven't done the same, you really really should! More about that later...)

I'm knitting at the speed of light in preparation for chilly weather, based on interest and feedback in my shop, in the midst of insane wildfires and miserable heatwaves! So, I'm planning and implementing all non-knitting aspects of Phydeaux Designs before Labor Day (more on that later too!).

Including finally getting a web ad designed for me (since I stink so miserably at this myself), and taking the plunge for product tags integrated with my whole shop's look and feel. Who to go to? Abby from Mavora, of course! When I say "Abby," I really mean "Abby and Tim." They came up with my new tagline, "Wrap up your look!" as a team.

Abby is so wonderful to work with. She really does have a gift for this. And I really love what she came up with first go (above, left)! I love that the scarf she selected goes so well with the logo colors. I love that there's a sort of vintage-y quality to the overall graphic. I love that this, to me, captures what I've finally understood about my overall aesthetic: rustic elegance. I now feel a little more confident about placing that first web ad! Thank you, Abby!

I was totally confident that she'd come up with a wonderful product tag, while totally nervous about getting product tags. And I don't know what the nervousness is about. Well, I think I do, as I'm typing, but that's a whole new post. Maybe this weekend. And immediately loved her first design!!! I can't wait to see them in person, including the gorgeous little ribbons for attaching.

Le sigh. I'm preparing try a few pieces on consignment, so this gorgeous tag will be the perfect touch. Yay!!! (I'll let you all know how that works out -- it's an experiment, and if it goes well, will repeat, if not, will regroup.)

To all, happy weekend!


lauren bacchus said...

congratulations Brenda! I am so happy for all of your success and and growth with your shop. :)

glass hole studios said...

you epp artistry, my sister. Hugs and good to talk, really TALK to you...even if cut short. K