Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday treat

Cutest little moose ever!!! I love everything that skunkboycreatures creates, but this little masked guy stole my heart! Check out Katie's Etsy shop -- you will not be disappointed!!!

I was actually ga ga over her brand new ghost kitty, but it sold in less than a day!!!

You can also read her blog here, also sure to not disappoint.

ADDENDUM: Ghost kitty 2 is mine! Tee hee hee!!!


fringe said...

sweet heavens! what an enchanting little fellow! moose love...i adore skunkboycreatures' enchanting shop. it makes me feel like a kid with such urgent desires to own one of her creations.

i look forward to visiting Katie's blog, thank you for the link :)

skunkboycreatures said...

Just in case you are interested... Ghost Kitty is back in the shop. Thanks again, Brenda!