Sunday, October 19, 2008

Because life is not all about work

I've known this, trust me, but this year was a challenge, with my new job + grad school, then new job + grad school + my business, then my job on steroids (budgets and year end close + my business, and now just my job + biz. Sigh. I haven't seen my family or close friends since the holidays! That's redonkulous!

So, off this weekend to visit my dearest bestest friend, Kris and the best guy on the planet (also in dear/best friend status), Rich!

I admit to being a little nervous when Kris was so excited about setting up a weekend of Mikuni eats (sushi and Japanese food, my least favorite food on the planet) and Guitar Hero (yikes!). What a blast!

Drove up to Oakland on Friday to pick her up after work and jet back to Sacramento together. Through rush hour traffic! We made great time! I was a little nervous about getting lost in Oakland, but my trusty iphone gave excellent maps and directions! And, bless her, she brought me an ice cold diet pepsi (hee hee)!

Then off to Mikuni's, where I could finally experience for myself their adventures and love for really excellent sushi. Waiting for a spot at the sushi bar was totally worth it -- so much energy and fun! (Rich, I'm waiting for the day that you add sushi chef to your resume!)

It was also so interesting for me, the neophyte, to watch it being prepared (and what a collection of seafood right in front of us, waiting for slicing!). Hunks of octopus tentacle (err ... yum?)! We ate up a storm and I didn't get photos of the dishes as they came, only of the aftermath ... sorry!

Then an evening of Guitar Hero! Kris and I are major videogame junkies (I think I might have every Legend of Zelda game now ...), so I just kept thinking, "it's just a videogame, it's just a videogame." Ha ha! What a fun videogame! Statements made during play included, "I remember that from my (junior high/high school) dances!" and "who the heck sings that???" and "You rock, dude!" War Pigs just about did us all in, but we were determined. I am so not a metal head, trust me (none of us are), but here we were, determined to be the top guitar for a Black Sabbath song.

Saturday morning was a truly delicious brunch at a cafe that I don't know the name of (Kris? Rich?). I had an incredible beef braised in chili verde with incredible refried beans and a salsa too hot for me (but Kris and Rich enjoyed it). Fork tender, no knives needed, wow! The cafe is right next to Tower Theater, one of Sacto's more historic hangouts, just at the northern tip of Land Park, one of Sacto's beautiful old neighborhoods where the wealthy lived in the early mid 1900's (30's-5o's). I'm pretty sure I saw Rocky Horror there for the first time, say .... 20, 22 years ago? (... oh my ...)

Then off to major retailing! I experienced Ikea with Kris, one of her favorite places on the planet, and I am so happy to have found just what I needed to organize my inventory and orders (more pix later on!). And some great prints and other goodies. I think I got something for each room of the house. Off to Rumpelstiltkins for yarn (Kris took up knitting!!!!), and I picked up a few things there. Kinda small and overpriced, but it's in a great location with a gallery and a jewelry shop. Off to Babetta's in Fair Oaks. Fantastic selection!!! Wow. And they don't take American Express!!! Boo! Mixed feelings there ...

I got home just after dark yesterday, wiped, exhausted, happy, with my stress meter reset. Molly punished me for awhile, but then crawled up on the bed to sleep on the far corner, one eye on me. Then came up for a brief ear scratching and asked to be let under the covers. I knew she forgave me then. She's kept me in eyeshot all morning/afternoon.

Thanks Kris, Rich and the girls and boy (Tiger, Allie, Meepers, Penny)! I'm coming back soon so that Rich can doctor my laptop!


June Shin said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Lisa said...

Now I need sashimi!!

Kate/girlsavage said...

That sounds like a great weekend! It's so nice to get away and play! :)

glass hole studios said...

and the cafe's name...was????
The Tower Cafe, dohhhhhhh! Lob K

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

Ah haaahahaha -- DOH is right! That was such a killer brunch!!!

Summer said...

Oh Brenda! That sounds fabulous! I totally need that...this move is dragging! Ikea is one of my favorites also and I plan to go soon (ha - and make a weekend out of it for a little break).

glass hole studios said...

ps. I'm rockin my orange crocs!