Saturday, October 11, 2008

Loving October

October is my favorite month of all. If I ever get married (I used to say "when I get married," haha), I'll do so in October. I love the colors, the crisp bite in the air, the changing leaves, the earlier dusk, and getting to wear knits!

Vacation's over (boo), and wouldn't you know it? I was terribly sick yesterday, and sick again today, different malady. Argh!!! I still have things to do, but can barely move. Makes the kitties happy though.

I'm happy because I ordered more wool from Aimee at Pancake and Lulu to knit several more Charred Silk scarves! I'm about to start a custom order for one already.

I'm also happy because I have the most lusciously soft Malabrigo in bright orange to knit up. Malabrigo is a gorgeous hand dyed merino wool. My local yarn shops haven't carried it, but just checked out a new shop in San Jose, The Knitting Room, who has a huge selection. Yay! I utilized some restraint, I'm glad to say. I'm sure I'll be back!

I hope you'll check out Angie's blog -- she featured several of my scarves, including Charred Silk (above)! Angie has two Etsy shops: Art by Angie and Jelly Beans. I really love her polka dot paintings at Jelly Beans!

And! She's having a giveaway in her blog this coming week! Be sure to check it out and enter!


Summer said...

October is my favorite also! Goodness Brenda, you make me want to relearn to knit (not that I fully learned the two times my Grandma tried to teach me)!

paperhill said...

hi brenda, sorry you were sick! i hope you can get back to feeling better. i love your photos, so creative! thanks so much for visiting :)

June Shin said...

Beautiful scarf! I also love Malabrigo. Too bad my local yarn shop stopped carrying it. :(
Hope you're feeling better!

lauren bacchus said...

sorry you are feeling badly Brenda. I love love love October too!