Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let the countdown begin ...

Just under one month until Christmas! This will be my first holiday season on Etsy and I periodically get a little panicked, then just hunker down to continue knitting. Today as I hunkered and knitted, I thought, "Hmmm. I usually knit when I'm taking a vacation, but I think I'll need a vacation post Christmas from knitting!" I will take a brief post holidays knitting vacation, largely to clear my head and do some Spring line planning. Brief! Don't worry! ;)

I do work this week, but Wednesday afternoon will be home and the mad rush to prep for Bazaar Bizarre will begin! Thanksgiving will be me and my girlies, but I will be jaunting over to some very very dear friends for Thanksgiving dinner, which will be a nice break from being a mad woman.

I look forward to sharing my madness with you -- many many photos will be posted here and at Flickr!

Stay tuned for exciting news about a knitting tutorial and a recipe that I'm sharing on one of my very favorite blogs!

I hope you all have a fun and safe week, preparing to spend time with your family and friends this weekend.

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