Monday, November 03, 2008

My own holiday gift guide: Etsy treats!

Anyone wondering about gift ideas for ... well, me! .... Look no further! Here are a couple of items that I'm just in love with from Etsy:

Coffee and Pie Necklace from Leaves of Glass: I just love pink and brown together, love anything offered in Leaves of Glass' Etsy shop, so this is a natural for me! And look at that incredibly pretty shade of pink! Just the perfect touch of rose in it. And I already have earrings to match! Honestly, I could fill an entire gift guide with Leaves of Glass gorgeousness ...

And I can definitely fill my jewelry boxes!

Dread Pirate Roberts Soap from Savor: Okay, okay, I know you're all saying, "Hey!" (Because I've been writing about my visit with Lisa from Savor ...) But read the description, and you'll immediately get it. Not just because this soap seriously has me wanting smell-o-vision on my laptop, but also because it's such a clever idea (particularly for all of you Princess Bride fans), AND it does double duty! Both you and your special someone can enjoy this huge chunk of soap ... and smell good!

Even though there's an election tomorrow ... it's not too early to do a little Christmas shopping. Or if it's for me, a lot!

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lillyella, uniquely you said...

fabulous! I just bought kateri's lilypad earrings and I LOVE them - and all the kids have been telling me to try some savor soap - so I do have to get on that!