Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Me me me meeeee

Woke up to being on the front page of Etsy (along with some other very talented folks), which you can see here.

Then in the midst of running around like a chicken with my head cut off today (including picking up Sprinkles cupcakes for a surprise birthday celebration at work), was delighted to see that PearsonMaron's Etsy feature about shopping locally in California included my face and blurb! (Now you get all the photos last week, in case you were confused, since I normally avoid face time with the camera...)

And now, thanks to June over at June Shin Designs, I've been "tagged" with a new questionnaire that looks like a lot of fun! Here we go ...

10 years ago I had recently started my new job at my current place of work, after 15 years working in a hospital. This was going to be a one year gig to make money before the final push to go to med school. Well, I did stay at med school (where I work now) ... just not as a doctor!

8 years ago I was preparing to go back to school to finish my undergrad degree (yep, my bachelors took me a LOOOOONG time) -- excited and a little nervous!!! It took me a couple more years than originally planned, but I do now have a degree in Organizational Behavior and Management.

6 years ago Hmmmm ... December 2002? I had recently moved from my home of more than 10 years to an apartment in San Jose with my elderly kitty (Sassy, who I still miss!), with my first Christmas tree in years and years! 'Twas fun!

2 years ago I was recently moved back to my beloved Saratoga. I was a graduate school dropout :) and happy to be one. Starting to consider next steps in my professional life (ultimately culminating in my new job at Stanford last year). And increasingly yearning to get back to my creative roots.

5 yummy things
Oh boy, so many yummy things! But my top five?
  1. Vietnamese, particularly Shaken (or Shaking) Beef -- delicious!
  2. Spumoni ice cream!
  3. Arugula! In just about everything. Yum!
  4. Roasted acorn squash with parmesan, a little butter, a smidge of garlic, and lots of fresh grated nutmeg. Oh man. Good eating.
  5. Hawaiian (Canadian bacon and pineapple) pizza -- yum yum yum.
  6. (honestly, have to throw Taco Bell in here somewhere ... the only fast food that I am not so secretly loving, though I don't eat it that often)
5 places I would like to escape to
  1. Ireland
  2. Alaska
  3. Hawaii (never been!)
  4. Grand Canyon (same!)
  5. France (particularly Normandy -- want to see the stomping grounds of my long long long ago ancestors)
5 things I would never wear
  1. Skinny jeans -- did it in the 80's -- once was enough
  2. Super low rider anything
  3. Camouflage anything
  4. Real fur
  5. Gangstah wear
5 fave TV shows (this changes all the time ...)
  1. Chuck
  2. Project Runway
  3. Lost
  4. Dr. Who and Torchwood (I'm cheating and combining them)
  5. Bones
5 things I enjoy doing
  1. Sleeping (yeah!!!)
  2. Knitting (good thing!)
  3. Working in the yard (gardening or just good old fashioned labor)
  4. Working on family history
  5. Cooking!!!
5 favorite toys
  1. Nintendo DS (castlevania and legend of zelda videogames)
  2. Playstation Portable (castlevania symphony of the night)
  3. Digital camera
  4. Laptop(s)
  5. All of my knitting, crocheting, sewing, art supplies
5 people I'm tagging (forgive me and you're not required to participate!)
  1. Kris and Rich
  2. Kateri
  3. Lauren
  4. Nicole
  5. Celeste


Swell Stitches said...

You just never slow down, do you? You have had a very busy 10 years!
Great blog topic. It was very interesting!

~Amy Rose~

fringe said...

what a thoroughly enjoyable read, brenda! you have so much to be proud of! well done, sweet friend. and a big congrats on the Storque feature, you look beautiful!

i've missed so many of your fabulous blog posts. i look forward to catching up on them.

as a side note, "spumoni" was my nickname in school as i had a somewhat tricky and long last name that started with "s" and ended with "i". so i'm happy to read what your favorite ice cream is...yay!

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

LOL, another commonality, Dennice! Thanks for the kind words on the article. I'm just so glad I wore makeup ... didn't know my face would turn out so HUGE. Yikes. It's so good to hear from you!

June Shin said...

This was a fun post to read. And congrats on the Storque article. You look great in it!

sweet fine day said...

yes, great to see your face in the storque! Love connecting faces to names. I love finding more about my etsy/twitter friends. This was a fun one to read.