Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been one busy lady this week with lots of stuff going on at work, some new health oddities (so what's new), and life in general. So, new regular posts went by the wayside, but will hopefully re-emerge this coming week!

In the meantime, some fun and lovely picks to enjoy! I've always longed to create in clay, but just don't have the gift for it. I love the ceramic and porcelain creations that you can find on Etsy!

I loooove everything that Felicia at Maid of Clay creates! I have several kitty vases (SO cute) and the most precious ever baby bunny sucking on a baby carrot on a tree trunk. If you love cuteness like I do, you'll appreciate the "awwww" factor in her work! This little bunny vase with the dangling heart is too cute.

I just love these bowls' elegant vines in such a rustic design and exterior, from Myriad Design!

Nancy at Round Rabbit creates lovely porcelain jewelry and buttons. I was hard pressed to pick one item - so much to love! - but settled on these Art Deco in Teal earrings. Gorgeous!!! I love the complex and ornate design with that lovely wash of teal and blue and green.


maidofclay said...

Hi Brenda! Thanks! What a great way to start off the week :-)

Careful you don't get caught up in clay because it doesn't release you easily. It's very addictive!

Round Rabbit said...

What a great post, Brenda! Thanks for mentioning my earrings - I am in lovely clay company! (I really need to get me a rabbit vase from maid of clay!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you totally made my day! Thanks for including my bowls. Madeofclay you are right on about that addiction.

Myriad Design