Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seven Random Tidbits

Thanks to Dennice over at Fringe Originals, here are seven random things about me, which you hopefully don't know yet (Kris and Mom, you both know everything about me ...):
  1. I wrote short stories, science fiction and horror, in grade and junior high school all the time - well, by "horror," I mean along the lines of Ray Bradbury (possibly my very very favorite author of all time), not along the lines of George Romero.
  2. I got my adult borrower library card at 11, a year before the "legal" age of 12 - I probably read everything in the juvenile section of our small town library (my brother and I still reminisce about some of those books, lovingly dog-eared by the both of us).
  3. I don't think it's any big secret that I loathe zombie movies, but I feel the same way about sitcoms. Can't bear them. I run screaming from anything with a laugh track.
  4. I bear two tattoos. A dot of india ink in the web of skin between my left thumb and index finger, from an accidental self-inflicted stab during art class in 7th grade. And a bit of pencil lead in my right forearm from a questionably accidental stab by a school mate in the bus on the way home one afternoon in Junior High.
  5. I met my bff, Kris, at my first job at Baskin Robbins was I was 18 or 19, then again in drawing class in college, maybe a year later. In art class, she got good grades for being abstract and I didn't so much for being life-like. I dropped out in frustration, and she, being a very kind (and I thought kooky and weird) person brought me my portfolio and supplies. A year or more after that, we were regularly clubbing with mutual friends, and became the bff's that we are today. I was at the first date for her and her husband Rich! (I won't tell you how long ago that was.) Those were the days of Leo Swift in Sacramento, at the Oasis and Spanky's, none of which are still in existence, except in our memories. When boys had big bushy hair with lots of hairspray and wore more makeup than we girls. Ahhh, the '80's.
  6. Thanks to Heather's husband, Phil, I spent a few in the late 80's/early 90's immersed in the Grateful Dead. I still have lots of tapes packed away somewhere! To this day, I am immediately nostalgic on hearing Terrapin Station or Scarlet Begonias.
  7. I love love love to cook and was seriously considering preparing for an early retirement career (way early retirement) as a pastry chef before I immersed myself in Phydeaux Designs.
My chosen seven, who shouldn't feel they need to participate (but wouldn't it be fun if they did!) are:
  1. Kris and Rich!
  2. Jenna at Whimsy and Spice!
  3. Nicole at Lillyella!
  4. Bobbi at KittyGrrlz Spins and Knits!
  5. Heather at Sew Happy Jane!
  6. Jenny at The Painted Lily!
  7. Becke at Ocean Avenue Silks!


June Shin said...

Haha, love the stories of how you got your tattoos!

lillyella, uniquely you said...

wow - what great stories! I'll play along next weekend! though I may almost be out of anything interesting to say about me-self :)

heather jane said...

K- All done!

fringe said...

yay, you did it! and so beautifully written. it's no wonder you wrote short stories with your obvious talent for writing.

the pencil lead arm stabbing probably wasn't accidental, in my opinion. junior high sucks for the most part. :)

i loved all seven of your tidbits. so interesting and fun to read. thanks for taking the challenge!