Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bronchitis is not my friend

It seems like every year, I am floored by bronchitis. A simple cold or flu takes a turn south and my lungs no longer like me. Same goes for this year! Today's the first day in over a week that I feel better than semi-good - yay!

Since I have a slight tendency to overdo things almost immediately (haha), I'm really trying to take it easy today (after a shamefully long sleep unbroken by coughing throughout the night - absolutely delicious!). But I have TONS of catching up to do with the day job and the Phydeaux job:
  • I'll be getting some custom orders finished and listed today.
  • I have an absolutely gorgeous scarf that's been dying to be photographed to list in the most amazing colors and softed handspun wool (pictured above, from Knotty Naomi at Etsy!).
  • I have a couple of new wrist cuffs that have been crying for buttons.
Most important, I have a couch with my name on it - I'm not going to overdo it today!

I hope you all enjoy your weekends - be sure to spend some time on your sofa!

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heather jane said...

Oh bummer. We've all got sore throats and headaches today. Phil has spent more time on the couch today than the rest of the year combined. Poor guy!!

Glad you're feeling better.