Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Happy belated Mardi Gras! Today is Mardi Gras - I nearly missed it (another very late night at work).

I did finish this year's Mardi Gras scarf, now available in the shop. Kettle dyed wool + a strand of variegated fuschia mohair/silk + a strand of deep orange mohair silk.

I wish I could say I had a nice bowl of gumbo or plate of jambalaya or a steaming hot beignet today, but it's just not quite the same in California as NOLA. (For one thing, one bowl wouldn't cost you 5 lbs! But 5 very yummy lbs!)

When I was a kid (2o-ish), I had a dream to take a red eye to NOLA for 24 hours of Mardi Gras and a red eye back home. I did spend a week in the French Quarter for a conference, long past my 20's, and found I had VERY little patience for those partying kids in town for Halloween. So, my Bourbon Street partying days are over (thank the heavens), but I start a week + of vacation this Friday (!), so may treat myself to home cooked jambalaya, a dish I was once pretty darned good with, if I say so myself.

Hope you all celebrate the good times, in your own way, this week!


Naomi said...

oooh that scarf looks so soft! very pretty.

ah, bourbon street. i did manage to make it there before my partying ways left me. good ol jello shooters. yikes.

well, darn. now i'm hungry and am wishing i could be up there to catch stitches west with you. another time. you have a great week off!

Cottage In The Sun said...

Those are fab colors in your scarf and the yarn sounds so luxurious!

I spent my few days in the French Quarter taking photos of the railings and architecture - not much of a partier!