Saturday, February 28, 2009

Six (hopefully) new random things

I love Lynn's incredible and beautiful work at UnaOdd, so was both delighted and honored to be tagged by her. (You should check out her blog in addition to her shop - I really enjoy reading it!)

Six hopefully new to you random things about me:
  1. I have a scar extending from inside to just the outside of my belly button because ... when I was a little kid, I was totally mesmerized by my Mom's collection of nifty rocks, stored in a glass jar with a glass top. Maybe I wasn't supposed to look at them without permission (don't quite remember the details...), but I was looking at them, heard Mom coming in, slammed the top on in a panic, and it chipped sufficiently hard to shoot a shard of glass into my belly. I really don't remember how I talked my way out of it. Since Mom reads this blog ... hope you forgive me now, Mom!
  2. My first job (not counting babysitting, working for my dad, or other occasional gigs at the State Fair) was one of the worst ever ... the Mall's Easter Bunny! I was in high school and desperately wanted to wear contacts instead of glasses. I worked fulltime the week of Easter Break plus the weekend before/after for an entire $150, which paid for the contacts. Minimum wage and/or slave wages! Here's why it was the worst. HOT. Miserably hot. And what's the worst thing to happen to a 17 year old kid? Mortification. And I couldn't believe how many of my classmates came by for photos on the lap of the Easter Bunny (most of whom didn't know it was me!). Finally ... little kids get excited. And scared. Either of which can cause bladder control issues. Eeeewww. (p.s., but I got my contacts, so it was worth it!)
  3. My dad is SUCH a story teller. He loves telling stories more than anything. I never bought into the idea of Santa Clause, but he had me convinced that a human-height white rabbit spent early Easter mornings in our yard, hiding the eggs that we kids spent the week decorating. I was so disappointed when I got up early enough one Easter to see him out there hiding eggs (and I'm sure having the time of his life). Dads are the best, particularly mine!
  4. OK. I hate to admit to this ... I truly do ... but I was once an obsessed fan of a boy band. Long before the advent of boy bands. My secret shame is this: I absolutely looooved the Bay City Rollers. Not only did I lurve them, I was going to marry the blonde drummer, Derek Longmuir (more than 30 years later, and I still remember his name ....) (OH sad. I just read that Derek was arrested and plead guilty to child pornography charges). I still have all of their albums packed away somewhere, in all their worn and scratched up glory. Even though I cringe to admit to this infatuation now, I wouldn't give up those LP's for anything. I've been looking for a great clip from youtube for them, and have been transported back to my tween-age bedroom with Tiger Beat posters of Derek and the other teenage heart throbs of 1975-1977 all over my walls. Look at those super cool waiting for a flood tartan-trimmed pants! They were styling!
  5. I have never travelled outside of the US. I hope to remedy this soon!
  6. I am completely and totally stressed at the idea of unoriginality (is that a word?). I'm constantly striving to be unique and original in how I approach work at my day job, and particularly in how I create art and knitting. I really hate doing what everyone else is doing - I'll go out of my way to not do similar to others' work/designs. Which can be quite the challenge on the Big E (Etsy), with a limited world pool of supplies, as well as with knitting in general. I love to see what folks are doing, and am consistently amazed at and in awe of the incredible talent of my friends and colleagues. I just want to do my own thing (and really wish that more folks felt the same way ...)!
Thank you so much Lynn - this was a fun walk through memory lane! I'm confident that I've exhausted my pool of taggees, so would like to open this to all of you! I'd love to read your six random things - here's what to do:
  1. Share with us in the comments, sharing in my theme of "secret shame," your favorite boy/pop band from your tween years (girl band for our boy readers!).
  2. And, also, please add a link to your own post sharing your six random things!


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

:^) Thank you for the lovely compliments!

I loved your six. Everyone has at least one story they don't want their parents to know, and everyone has had the job they hated.

"Secret Shame"? Not really a boy band, but I had a crush on Elton John. I even decided I was going to name my first child Levon.

Thank you for taking the time on your vacation(hope it's going great!)to do this Brenda! Can't wait to see your new shop.

paperhill said...

i love reading these! such fun things you've shared. i've never been outside the us myself!

fringe said...

Absolutely enchanting! I adored reading your six things, Brenda. You are such a delight! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us.

The Bay City Rollers. Too funny! And Lynn’s confession about Elton John! I had a crush on him too and refused to acknowledge he is gay for the longest time. Hilarious!

My daughter was one of those children who had bladder control issues sitting on the mall Easter Bunny. True confession. I feel your pain, Brenda 

Don’t forget Paris is in your future, my friend!

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Elton John! He was so cool back in his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy days! Lynn and Dennice, you both have excellent taste! :D

Sigh, yes, Paris ... need to apply for my passport!