Sunday, March 29, 2009

The F Word

Not THAT F word, sillies.


Campaign Clean Up My Diet continues, and the other thing I've been rather painlessly doing this last week is increasing my fiber consumption! Here are five super easy and rather yummy tips that I'll share with you all:
  1. Add beans to salad! Or to pasta! Don't want to soak and boil your own beans? Buy 'em frozen or canned! There are lots of canned bean brands that are low sodium and yummy (just rinse them very very very well). I love heirloom beans added to my salad. And it's super easy to stir in a handful of beans with your pasta sauce. Super source of fiber!
  2. Have an apple! I'm not all that crazy about apples, I'll confess. I'm very picky. My apples must be very very crisp and cold. And I only eat fuji or red delicious. But they're the perfect afternoon boost when you're obsessing about the Kettle Chips in the vending machine ... Not crazy about apples? Pears have GREAT fiber!
  3. Treat yourself to a handful of raspberries on your cereal! Man oh man, did you know that my favorite berry has less than 70 calories per cup and a whopping 8 gm of fiber! That's all the justification I need!
  4. If you eat whole wheat bread, switch over to double fiber whole wheat bread! Seriously! A slice of whole wheat has ~2-3 gm of fiber. A slice of the double fiber has 6 gms! Unbelieveable!
  5. Switch out your refined flour pasta for whole wheat! I know, I know, "it tastes weird." Everyone says that. I made the decision to switch over a couple of years ago and haven't switched back - I love whole wheat linguine! Not sure I'd enjoy whole wheat lasagna, mind you, but a nice nutty whole wheat spaghetti or linguine is just perfect with a spicy tomato sauce with olives and garlic and maybe even a handful of lentils or chickpeas thrown in. :)
I'm using whole wheat flour tortillas (LOVE) tonight with my left over super spicy shrimp roasted with lemons and olives. And then I'm having some incredible looking strawberries sliced up with oranges for desert. Sigh.

What are your favorite fiber tips???

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Tim and/or Abby said...

WOW! Thanks SOOOOO much for getting my March for babies a kickin start! I'm so excited! You rock!