Monday, April 27, 2009

Action sets, cameras and Spring

I've been playing with Photoshop action sets lately (free download over at The Pioneer Woman for action set one and two!). My little digital point and shoot takes pretty great photos, but it's still fun to play around!

Now I'm playing with these with a slight sense of melancholy, because after MONTHS of research, second guessing and general all around torture ... I ordered a new camera! A DSLR camera! A Canon Rebel XSi, to be precise.

It won't arrive for two weeks, so in the meantime, I'll continue to have fun with my beloved Sony.

I suspect it will take awhile to learn to use the Canon anyway ... maybe Sony doesn't have much to be worried about. And Sony will be great to cart around with me for impromptu photos, something I've been reticent to do until now - if I lose my only camera, my shop is dead!

This little lavender flower in the above photos is from just one photo (the first), from my backyard's sprawling lavender. I was pleasantly surprised to realize just how sprawling this weekend, when I snapped these photos.

(p.s., here are the action sets [all from action set 1] I applied to the first photo, which is unadorned, straight out of the camera. Photo 2 = "lovely and ethereal." Photo 3 = "boost." Photo 4 = "quick edge burn.")

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