Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1000 Markets

In true Brenda fashion, I started opening a 1000 Markets shop back in December, but finally finished the process and was approved this weekend.

So, introducing Phydeaux on 1000 Markets! I need to decide how I'll differentiate lines and venues. I don't know much about the ins and outs yet (new empathy for newbies!), but am glad to have branched out a wee bit (though I vaguely feel as though I'm cheating on my beau - I am a very loyal being!).

Anyone else have experience to share?


heather jane said...

Clearly no experience here, but congrats! And Bon Chance. I hope it goes well...

paperhill said...

hello! the only other place for me was poppytalk but in order to purchast it links back to your etsy shop. i hope it goes well for you! i think it's good to see which is the best fit, etsy is still home :)