Thursday, May 28, 2009

The irony of a cold in May

I didn't really realize last weekend that I was in the midst of developing a cold.


I thought that my weirdly mildly sore throat was from using the a/c at night to keep cool. I thought that my increasing sneezing was from the dust from cleaning out my back room. I finally caught on late Monday (last day off of my four day weekend) that I was s-i-c-k.

Nevertheless, I went to work on Tuesday and yesterday (I'm sure my coworkers appreciated that). I did leave a bit early yesterday, dizzy and coughy and sneezy and a few other seven dwarf names. And it was strongly suggested that I go home today after an hour or so at work (my voice wasn't working and reality was shifting around on me, fun!), and I didn't resist.

Dozing off and on all day, low grade fever, already feeling sorry for yourself, is all the more fun when it's freakin' hot outside and in! You just don't want to curl up in your bed under a toasty comforter when it's sunny and very warm out.

So, happy birthday to me, what I got for my bday is a cold! I suspect I'll spend much of my four-day weekend taking it very very easy, vs. my original plans. I have had a couple of new designs running around in my head that I may just be mocking up this weekend!

I did manage to snag for myself a DrikaB bag today during Etsy's Shop Live with Marichelle event today - yay! You can see it above. I heart DrikaB's bags - and have needed a laaaarge tote/bag, so that's one of my bday gifties for myself. The others are a few new pieces of jewelry from the very talented Nicole at Lillyella (you can see one at the top!). Watched Phydelle for a very exciting Lillyella event coming up!!!

So, you know, colds come and go. This is my turn (it's been going around the office). I'll recover - I truly will. I'm just a little annoyed that my turn ended up the same week as my bday. Go figure!

I hope you all enjoy the last few days of May, and don't forget to enter your name for my birthday giveaway!

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