Friday, May 08, 2009

Mother's Day Love

Luckily, I have Mother's Day covered, even from afar. If I'd been more organized, any of these would have been perfect for Mom's special day!

Mom looooooves shortbread. Combine that with ginger and you'd have her for life! This is truly my very favorite cookie, from Whimsy and Spice (and trust me, I've done my share of tasting their wares).

Meet my Mom, lover of kitties and lover of books. White kitties? All the better! Her kitty is snowy white. Mom would adore this print from Amber Alexander!

I love jewelry and flowers - guess where I got that from? Yep - my mom. How about a bouquet for her finger? This lovely ring is by Yellow Goat!


Yellowgoat said...

;D thank you for having here, you are starting a really nice blog here. ;D

sweet fine day said...

got in! Hope your toe is on its way to recovery....

Amber said...

mmm... still looking at the shortbread..
thank you for including my smart cat :)