Friday, June 26, 2009

Art Gallery Friday: Exoskeleton Cabaret

I love Libby Bulloff's work, particularly her steampunk photos. Amazing! Although Portmanteau is hands down my very favorite, I was (once again) so enchanted with Blue Stockings (above), I just had to include it here.

Look at those lovely bright blue stockings against that slatey blue sky, with a peak of bright blue down in the boat yard. Brilliant!

I was so disappointed when I learned that she was at the Bay Area Maker Faire a few weeks ago - I probably walked right by her and didn't realize it! Ah well.

Blue stockings, by Exoskeleton Cabaret at Etsy, $25


TMCPhoto said...

It's pictures like that, that make me want to dress a little more edgy and a lot less stay at home mom. Thanks for sharing

Rachael said...

I love this photograph! Great choice for gallery night! I completely understand TMCPhoto... I would love this outfit I just feel that I need a different haircut! :)