Sunday, June 07, 2009

Go local - my secret super easy ice cream recipe!

Go Local is an incredible blog venture started by Heather of Sew Happy Jane fame (super cute Etsy shop - she's quite the seamstress!). It just impresses the heck out of me that Heather started something that's grown an internet presence the way this has.

I'm so honored to be a guest blogger in this season's Go Local series! I'm not going to give up the details here - you have to go read about it on Heather's blog! Suffice to say that this is the easiest - and most delish - ice cream you'll make, using all local ingredients.


Jessica said...

Thank you so much for sharing your ice cream recipe. I've been wanting to try to make it and now I'm ready for my local strawberries soon!

Phydeaux Designs said...

It's super yummy and SO easy. Thanks!