Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day!

Great ideas for Dad's day gift cards!

1. French pet lobster teeshirt, from Xenotees, $22.00
2. Espresso brownie with dulce de leche, from Whimsy and Spice, $8.00
3. Vintage wood bullseye, from Shaving Kit Suppplies, $30.00
4. Gothic love scarf, from phydeaux, $65*

* (full disclosure - phydeaux is me! but it's always cold somewhere on the planet...)

1 comment:

Xenotees said...

Yay! This is sah-wheat & I love being next to Whimsy & Spice treats---- yummers! Thanks Brenda! Love all that you do! The scarf you have here is as scrumptious as those brownies!